Vera V. Gatchell

Vera V. Gatchell



Be Nice – Be Honest –Do Good

To help public service agencies reach their goals and facilitate solving their problems. To do so in the best possible manner by helping them , through partnership and working together, they can accomplish a better working and living environment.

Vera V. Gatchell

  • Certified Grant Specialist
  • Certified Grant Administrator
  • Really Good Grant Writer
  • Grant Writing Instructor


  • 5 years Peer Reviewer FEMA
  • Certified Paramedic
  • Level II Firefighter
  • Certified Public Safety Instructor; Fire / EMS
  • Captain / EMS Coordinator Perry Township Fire Department
  • Volunteer Firefighter / Paramedic Canton Township Fire Department
  • Administrative Assistant, Canton Township Fire Department
  • Guardian for Honor Flight