Scott Freitas

Scott Freitas


Experience & Credentials

  • Master of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Retired Police Chief
  • EMT-B Certified
  • IACP Domestic Violence Leadership Forum Member


Scott Freitas is a retired veteran of police service, specializing in law enforcement and EMS. He began his public safety career in 1979 as a call firefighter and EMT in the town of Uxbridge, Mass. After graduating from Northeastern University in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, Freitas served as a correctional officer with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department. During college and for a short time after, Freitas also worked as a dispatcher for the Worcester Housing Authority Police. In 1985, Freitas joined the Uxbridge Police Department and worked his way up through the ranks from patrol officer to shift sergeant, until he was appointed police chief in 2003.

Freitas is also a contract instructor for the Massachusetts Municipal Police Training Committee and the Municipal Police Training Institute, teaching in the areas of CPR and first responder training, suicide prevention in the municipal cellblock, and domestic violence. He is a member of the Domestic Violence Leadership Forum of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and up until retirement, a sitting member of the Central Region of Homeland Security Council of Massachusetts and their representative for the Massachusetts Police Mobilization group. Freitas holds a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice from Anna Maria College and is an EMT-B and CPR-certified instructor by the American Heart Association.