James “Robby” Dawson

James “Robby” Dawson


Assistant Fire Chief James “Robby” Dawson is a 32 year veteran of the Chesterfield (Virginia) Fire and EMS Department and currently oversees the Community Risk Reduction Branch. His responsibilities include the management of the fire marshals office, public education section, community relations, media and public affairs officers, and the county’s Emergency Management Office.

He currently serves on a number of boards and national codes development committees including Virginia’s Fire Services Board, the International Fire Marshals Board of Directors, the NFPA Technical Committee on Deployment and Organization of Fire Prevention Activities (NFPA1730), and the NFPA Technical Committee on Community Risk Reduction Plans (NFPA 1300).

Chief Dawson has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Richmond in Emergency Services Management, a Masters degree in Business Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University, and is an Accredited Chief Fire Officer by the Center for Public Safety Excellence.