Art of Reading Smoke & Fire Dynamics

Art of Reading Smoke & Fire Dynamics

The Art of Reading Smoke

Often, smoke issuing from a building is the only clue available to predict fire behavior and the likelihood of a flashover or rapid-fire spread. First-arriving company officers and firefighters must read smoke before choosing tactical priorities! Incident Commanders and Safety Officers must know how to rapidly read smoke in order to keep firefighters within an acceptable risk-profile. This area of our class will address:

  • Why we read smoke
  • The “advanced” basics of reading smoke
  • Hostile fire events and warning signs
  • The “reading smoke” process
  • Tricks and short-cuts


The afternoon segment of our class will focus on size up, strategy and the incident action plan.  The SAFE-T (SIZE UP & FIRE EXTINGUISH TACTICS) curriculum educates company officers and firefighters to identifying critical fireground factors that will influence sound decision making on the fireground.

Instructor: John Smoot

May 8, 2020 – 0830 to 1700
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