Size-up & Fire Extinguishment Tactics (SAFE-T)

Size-up & Fire Extinguishment Tactics (SAFE-T)

The Size-up & Fire Extinguishment Tactics presentation focuses on the initial arriving Company Officer (mobile IC#1) performing a standard size up to determine the overall strategy, IAP, and to identify the most effective and safest position(s) to control the fire from. The presentation will focus on:

  • Fire science
  • Modern-day fire dynamics
  • Fuel packages and heat release rates
  • Capabilities and limitations of structural PPE and allied equipment
  • Customer survivability profiles
  • 360’s using a TIC
  • Ventilation profiles
  • Identifying flow paths and flow path management
  • Tactical NON-ventilation
  • Safe and effective fire control positioning
  • Search and rescue guidelines
  • Post fire control ventilation tactics

Presentation Length: 3 to 4 hours
Target Audience: Firefighters, Company Officers and Command Officers

Instructor: John Brunacini
Captain (Retired), Phoenix Fire Department
Co-Author, Blue Card Command

May 8, 2019 – 1300 to 1700
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