Situation Awareness

Situation Awareness

This program shares the powerful findings of Dr. Gasaway’s extensive research on issues related to first responder decision making and flawed situational awareness. In his review of hundreds of near-miss reports, case studies, line-of-duty death reports and videos he continually found himself being himself being frustrated because there were so many clues, indicators and sings that the incident was going to end in disaster.Yet for some reason, personnel operating at the incident scene – from company officers to incident commanders – could not see it coming. Or if they did see it coming, they did nothing to alter their course.

In his research to understand why first responders were (seemingly) bling and deaf to what was happening right in front of them, Dr. Gasaway uncovered and investigated over one hundred barriers that can destroy situational awareness and flaw decision making.

This program focuses on some of the most pervasive situational awareness barriers first responders will face while operating in stress-filled, dynamically-changing environments.

Barriers to be explored and discussed will include:

  • Pre-arrival lens
  • Mission Myopia
  • Staffing issues
  • Normalization of deviance
  • Complacency
  • Overconfidence
  • Miscommunications
  • Peer and supervisor pressure
  • Overload
  • Task fixuation
  • Task saturation
  • Confabulation
  • Mind shift
  • Biases
  • Human factors
  • The curse of knowledge
  • Technology
  • Command location
  • Command support
  • Mission and goal
  • Culture
  • … and more

Presented by: Instructor Gasaway

May 10, 2018 – 0830 to 1700
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