EDP Encounters: A Safe Resolution

EDP Encounters: A Safe Resolution

This course will focus on developing an understanding of mental disorders, crisis assessment skills, maintain officer safety, and selecting appropriate de-escalation techniques. In addition, we will review police officer mental health and critical incident response as well as law enforcement wellness programs evidenced to improve overall LE health/agency morale.

This course is recommended for both first-time attendees and prior attendees looking for a refresher class. Repeated exposure and practice of assessment skills, crisis-escalation identification, and de-escalation techniques are recommended in order to gain proficiency. Training videos and examples are updated regularly. This course will also provide insight into the execution of mental hygiene petitions/involuntary commitments, community resources, and recent case law and policy changes in regard to LE training and mental health contacts.

This is a two-day, 16 hr. course.

Instructed by: Dr. Rachael Hatfield and Corporal J.R. Hatfield with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office

May 10 – 11, 2019 – 0830 to 1700
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