BLS: “Killer Bees”: Anaphylaxis in EMS

BLS: “Killer Bees”: Anaphylaxis in EMS

Intended Audience: BLS, ALS

Teaching Methods Used:  Lecture, Video, Q&A

What is the difference between a side effect, an allergy and anaphylaxis?   What do you do when a patient says he/she is allergic to epinephrine?   And why is it that someone who is allergic to peanuts can eat French fries fried in peanut oil?    In this session, we will review what happens in the body when it is exposed to an allergen and what we need to assess for to determine whether this is a side effect, an allergy or a true allergic reaction.   


  1. Differentiate between side effects, allergic reaction and anaphylaxis
  2. Understand the pathophysiology of how the human body develops anti-bodies against a foreign body
  3. List at least 3 common causes of allergic reaction/anaphylaxis
  4. List at least 2 OTC medications that can be found at the local pharmacy to alleviate allergic reaction

Instructed by: Janet Taylor

May 6, 2020 – 1000 to 1100
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