Aurora PD Century 16 Presentation

Aurora PD Century 16 Presentation

Aurora Police Lieutenant J. Lanigan on duty Patrol Commander

Aurora Police Incident Commander Lt. Jad Lanigan will give a detailed debrief on the Century 16 active shooter incident.   This four hour briefing was compiled by the Aurora Police Department in a PowerPoint presentation for law enforcement, Fire, EMS and Dispatchers.  The topics will include:

  1. City Demographics (Size and Population, Crime Statistics, Police Personnel)
  2. Active Shooter Training
  3. The Suspect – James Eagen Holmes (Weapons and Ammunition)
  4. The Shooting (Timeline, Significant Events, Evidence)
  5. Holmes’s Apartment (Location, Explosives and Evidence)
  6. The First 72 Hours (Managing the Media, Press Briefings)
  7. Outside Agency Assists
  8. President Obama’s Visit
  9. Prayer Vigil
  10. Longer Term Considerations (Employee Reactions both Sworn and Civilian)
  11. Community Reactions
  12. Recognition of the Heroes
  13. The Victims
  14. The Healing Process
  15. Lessons Learned
  16. High Risk Extraction Protocol (HREP)
May 9, 2018 – 1330 to 1700
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