ALS: A Change of Heart: CHF

ALS: A Change of Heart: CHF

Intended Audience: ALS, Critical Care

Teaching Methods Used: Lecture, Graphics, Q&A, Demonstration

Heart Failure affects over 5 million adults in the U.S    Heart failure also affects not only the inability to carry on a job/career, but it affects the quality of life a patient could have if their hearts could support day-to-day activities.    We will review the risk factors for developing heart failure, the difference between left and right sided heart failure, the differences in assessments you will find as well as the most common treatments and newest research in Evidence Based Medicine showing increases in quality of life and decreasing mortality.


  1. Define Ejection Fraction and how it can predict a patient who is at higher risk of heart failure than others.
  2. Differentiate between LEFT and RIGHT sided heart failure and how your assessment findings will potentially change what you see.
  3. Understand the “vicious cycle of CHF” and how to stop the cycle and reverse the effects of acute exacerbation of CHF.
  4. List the Number 1 first-line treatment for Acute CHF.

Instructed by: Janet Taylor

May 7, 2020 – 1400 to 1500
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