A Change of Heart: CHF

A Change of Heart: CHF

Congestive Heart Failure is a complicated condition that is a cardiac AND a respiratory condition. Depending on the severity, patients who have this condition can be so severely disabled from a weak heart that they can no longer walk across a room without extreme shortness of breath and fatigue. These patients require a LOT of care and intervention. But what happens when a normally well “controlled” CHF patient goes into exacerbation? What are some things that are proven to work and work quickly? How aggressive do we need to be with our patient’s? Can we treat them using BLS level interventions?

(anwser: YES)

In this presentation we look into the day-to-day lifestyle of someone who has moderate to severe CHF. There is a LOT more to this condition than what most EMS/ER healthcare providers realize.

Instructed by Janet Taylor, RN, NREMT-B – Flight Nurse, Life Flight Eagle

May 10, 2019 – 0945 to 1045
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