About Us

The WV Public Safety Expo is an annual event in Charleston, WV that gives public safety officials an opportunity to network, obtain training, and enhance their skills in a centralized location with some of the best resources in the country. In 2012, the Expo saw approximately 500 participants over the course of five days!

The WV Public Safety Expo was created in 2008 by a group of public safety officials from various agencies within Kanawha County. Members of the Expo Committee are appointed by their agencies and serve as volunteers. Since public safety officials who volunteer their time operate the Expo, keeping costs as low as possible while maximizing training opportunities is our goal.

In an effort to expand and reinforce our mission as the West Virginia Public Safety Expo, we are reaching out to all parts of the state to all public safety institutions to come and join us in Charleston for the 2018 Expo. Highlights this year include:

Award winning instructors on topics of interest to law enforcement, fire, EMS, telecommunications, and public safety

In service training credit available

Ability to network with dozens of agencies and departments

Vendors exhibits showcasing the latest advancements in public safety technology