Rapid Intervention School

Rapid Intervention School

This program will take a look at the issue of rapid intervention and the many individual topics that need to be developed to create a successful team. The topics include;

★The reason RIT exists and the work that they may be called to perform.

★The number of firefighters that are required for an effective team and the concept of advance and back-up teams.

★The many tools and pieces of equipment that are needed for a RIT operation, including methods of staging and transporting tools to the incident location.

★The need for an official RIT response policy that spells out who responds, what apparatus is used, what tools are assembled and training required.

★The set of basic and advanced RIT skills that every RIT team member needs to be trained to perform rapidly and correctly.

This program can be used to set up a new RIT team or to enhance an already established one. The skills discussed are just a starting point and there are a number of advanced skill that can be added to the program.

Presented by John Salka

Track(s):  Firefighters