Patrol Rifle Course

Patrol Rifle Course

Please note: This is a three day course. You will need to be present all three days to complete this class.

This is an introductory course designed to instruct officers on the utilization of the Patrol Rifle/AR-15. This course is intended for new officers and those officers who are unfamiliar with the AR-15. Topics will include nomenclature, field strip and cleaning procedures, basic weapon handling skills, transition drills, clearing malfunctions and moving and shooting drills. Students will also learn proper engagement of targets from CQB distances out to 100 yards as well as barricade drills and shooting and moving tactics. The course will also include force on force instruction utilizing Simmunition weapons in a two story non-lethal shoot house.

Required Equipment:

  • Patrol Carbine/AR-15 with sling and three magazines (minimum).
  • Handgun with two magazines.
  • Load bearing vest.
  • 500 rounds of .223 ammunition for AR-15 rifles (no steel core or A.P. rounds).
  • 100 pistol rounds.
  • Body armor.
  • Safety Equipment: eye protection, hearing protection, and a hat with a brim.

Leave AR-15 in your vehicle the first morning of class

Instructed by: Sergeant Jason Launi and Sergeant Jeremy Haynes

May 10 – 12, 2018 – 0900 to 1700
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