MLM Level

MLM Level

Multi-Lead Medic

Wednesday May 9, 2018 Morning – MLM 12 lead course
My Multi-Lead Medics class was developed 27 years ago after I had a bad experience with a patient because I was not aware of a condition they had. It challenged what I was taught and motivated me to learn more.Since 1990, I have presented this course to thousands of people worldwide. It is very successful and I do not have enough days to cover the requests for the class.

Wednesday May 9, 2018 Afternoon – Capnography
Slap the Cap! – The Role of Capnography in EMSFirst presented in 1998 as “Riding the Waves”, this is one of the first Nationally presented courses on capnography. It is an eye opening experience when participants learn the incredible benefits gained from full ETCO2 monitoring and waveform assessment. This is a comprehensive 4 hour workshop. In this exciting and informative session, Bob reviews the related A&P of the respiratory system, and explains through the use of multi-media and audience involvement, the role of capnography in EMS. From cases of cardiac arrest to the assessment and management of airway and ventilation: From closed head injury to tension pneumothorax and shock: From the triage of any patient to their ongoing monitoring, capnography has found its place. In fact, anyone who has a problem with ABC’s should have continuous monitoring of Capnography. Come and learn how to integrate this session into your practice and utilize it to its full potential! Capnography: It’s not just for confirming tube placement!

Thursday May 10, 2018 Morning – Stethoscopy for Dummies / How vital are vital signs
Lecture and Lab
How much did you pay for your stethoscope? How much training and lab time did you get in the proper use of the stethoscope? If you are like most providers, you will admit that it is usually inadequate. I present dozens of these classes across the country and internationally annually and I hear that from many of the students in the classes. This is a hands on, (ears on session) that includes a description of the stethoscope and how to use it properly. The highlight of the lab is where you will actually hear real breath sounds though your own stethoscope!

May 9, 2018 – 0830 to 1130
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