Fire Safety for New Battery Technologies

Fire Safety for New Battery Technologies

Instructor Kelly Nicolello

Course Description: What’s in store for your jurisdiction? The course will discuss energy storage applications, historical battery systems such as electrolyte liquid filled batteries and modern technologies that include Lithium, Nickle Cadmium, Sodium Nitrate and Electric Capacitors. We’ll explore the upcoming code changes in the National Fire Protection Association-NFPA 1, 2018 editions and how they are addressing potential hazards with the use of Hazard Mitigation Reports that identify the systematic hazards and how to deal with them. We’ll discuss various specific subjects such as fire hazards, electrical capacity and energy discharge; requirements for construction, placement, battery management systems and commissioning; limits on kilowatt hour capacity with and without large scale fire testing and fire suppression systems that may be effective in controlling a fire from one of these systems.

May 10 2018 – 0900 to 1200
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