EDP Encounters: Level 2 Scenario-Based Training

EDP Encounters: Level 2 Scenario-Based Training

Venue: Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office Range/Training Facility at Camp Virgil Tate

Attendance cap: 15 attendees maximum 

This course will be divided between classroom and the less lethal simunition house. It will consist of a refresher on EDP (emotionally disturbed persons) identification and de-escalation techniques. 

We will review case law and recent updates as well as live body cam and dash cam footage for discussion. Then, the officers will complete the course by participating in live practical application exercises, including hands on reality based training/scenarios.

Officers will need to wear business casual attire and have gun belt with holster, and hand cuffs.

This course is recommended for both first-time attendees and prior attendees looking for a refresher class. Repeated exposure and practice of assessment skills, crisis-escalation identification, and de-escalation techniques are recommended in order to gain proficiency.  

Instructed by: Dr. Rachael Hatfield and Corporal J.R. Hatfield with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office

May 5, 2020 – 0830 to 1700
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