BLS: U Can’t Touch This: How NOT to Screw Up Evidence Collection

BLS: U Can’t Touch This: How NOT to Screw Up Evidence Collection

Intended Audience: BLS, ALS, ER Nurses, Fire

Teaching Methods Used: Lecture, Q&A, Demonstration, Discussion, Photos

First Responders are often involved in treating a victim of a crime, but we were never formally taught how to help out the Crime Scene staff in gathering evidence that would help in identifying and prosecuting the assailant.   Many times, as it is reported by Law Enforcement, EMS and Fire actually make their jobs a lot harder, without even realizing it.   Safety is always first, patient care is second, but being able to help out other agencies while still providing patient care should be a priority also.    In this session we will look at some simple things we can do to ensure evidence collection isn’t compromised and how to handle evidence we come across while caring for a patient when Law Enforcement isn’t available.


  1. Justify why using paper bags instead of plastic is important when dealing with someone involved in a shooting
  2. Explain why cutting along the seams of clothing is the best method of preserving evidence
  3. List at least two things you should do (if possible) to ensure Chain-of-Custody isn’t breached during evidence collection
  4. List the two things you should do when your patient has a firearm in his/her possession prior to transporting him/her?

Instructed by: Janet Taylor

May 6, 2020 – 0900 to 1000
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