The West Virginia Public Safety Expo 2014 will be introducing new courses such as:
"The Warrior's Mindset for Law Enforcement"
and the "Company Officer Academy".
Check back often as more details become available.

Now available the 2014 Training Agenda

The Warrior's Mindset for Law Enforcement

This 16 hour course for law enforcement officers is designed to help you prepare for and prevail during violent encounters. The law enforcement course will not only deal with the latest research in the psychological and physiological impact of combat, but will explore the ancient warrior traditions and why these traditions are relevant today. Case histories with audio and video recordings will be used to illustrate principles.

At the end of this program, students will:
  • Understand and recognize the physiological and psychological changes that occur when a person is thrust into a sudden stressful situation.
  • Understand how these psychological and physiological changes can affect the ability to perform and survive during sudden stressful situations.
  • Understand how experiencing a sudden stressful situation can lead to a “high”, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Post Traumatic Growth.
  • Understand how physical training, mental imagery, tactical self-talk, breathing and centering improves stress inoculation and startle recovery.
The instructors bring a rare perspective to the class. Each instructor has been involved in deadly force encounters with armed attackers. Additionally, Detective Russell was shot while attempting to detain a subject. Detective Holt was stabbed trying to apprehend a mentally disturbed subject.

These and other experiences give the instructors an unparalleled credibility.

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The Company Officer Academy

The program, "The Company Officer Academy" is the result of numerous requests and discussions the chiefs have had with chief and company officers across the nation concerning company officer training and preparedness. Many departments simply promote a new company officer and send them to a new assignment with no formal training. This often results in creating a more stressful and challenging situation for the new officer and the unit.

Chiefs Salka, Lasky, and Halton have put together a dynamic multi-day program that addresses the many skills and abilities that company officers need to have to be effective in the firehouse and on the fireground. The following list of topics are just a few from this new and exciting program series:

Designed For: New Company Officers - Current Officers - Future Officers

Topics Include:
  • Leadership and the Leader, Manager, and Supervisor “traits” of the company officer
  • The “8 Essential Elements of Leadership”
  • Communications, Motivation, Training, Team Building and Mentoring
  • The Roll Call: Setting Up and Planning Your Day
  • Your Firefighter’s First Day: The Company Officer’s Role
  • Your Company Officer’s First Day: The Chief’s Role
  • Riding the Front Seat
  • Values - Vision – Mission
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Coaching and Counseling as well as handling Disciplinary Issues
  • Awards and Records of Exceptional Performance
  • Fireground Responsibility: The Company Officer’s role in preventing LODD’s
  • Fireground Scenarios: Tactics and Strategy considering ALL staffing levels
  • Situational Leadership Workshop
  • …and much more!

Instructors: Chief Rick Lasky, Chief John Salka and Chief Bobby Halton have decades of experience as chiefs and company officers and have handled many of the difficult and challenging situations that you are likely to face sometime in your fire service future. They will explain some of the myths concerning performance evaluations and discipline and how to get a handle on your daily firehouse routine. Join them as they guide you through the challenges you will face tomorrow with concepts and solutions that have served them well. The success of a company officer on the fireground is often determined by their success as a leader in the firehouse. This is where the rubber meets the road!

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